Wow...today was a day to remember in history. Well, atleast for my husband's family. His ancestors were founders of Orange County, California. Yes, they were..and barely getting recognized by the city. They have a community park named after them and today they expanded by adding a sports center. I will post more pics of the center but today i will just add hubby and lil miss E enjoying the ceremony...

and here is a link for you to see what i am talking about...
Grijalva Community Park



Love Love Love the scenery from our street...every year i stand in the middle of our cul-de-sac and take a picture as soon as it snows!



Ok so i know this might be a boring picture for you...but it was great practice for me ;)
I have been reading alot about photography because i want to really learn to use my camera. Get out of Auto!!!...so this is about Aperture. or f/stop if you know the lingo. The wider the opening of the lens, the greater the amount of light that enters your camera at one time. The smaller the opening on the lens, the smaller the amount of light that is allowed to enter your camera at one time.

The settings for this particular picture are:
ISO 100 5.0 1/125



Just dance!
This game has been a hit with everyone!...I'm so glad Santa left it under the tree... ;)



Today is the first day of my project. Its back to school on this first monday of the new year and that means homework! My high schooler gets to read a book we have all read in english class... Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.


Project 365


my attempt to take a photo a day for a whole year...
most people started on the first of january, but since it was so busy i will start on the 3rd since its a monday and everyone goes back to their normal routine...

Will i achieve it this year? who knows but i will try.