Oh my! The bathroom is now complete and it looks way better than i imagined!!

wooo hooo...off to shower! hehehehe



What do we do when the hubby is off to work and the two teens are off at school? Well after we clean and all the other stuff that needs to be done, we play!!! Candyland is always fun.



ooohhh baby feet! i LOVE baby feet!! Everytime my nephew comes over i HAVE to take his socks off to feel, smell and touch his feet!!!
They are so chubby and perfect!



Lil miss E day...she wasn't feeling good at all. Saturday night hubby had to take her to the E.R. because she had a very high fever. Amoxicillin for the next 7 days it is...



A much needed date with hubby. It's always a treat when we are kid-free...
We started the day with breakfast at a hole-in-a-wall kinda place..very good food and it was such a nice day that we sat and ate outside. Hubby had steak and eggs with hashbrowns and toast. I had the house specialty, sausage patty in between a buiscuit with country gravy, hashbrowns and an egg...deeeeeeelish!