I wished the cat would have moved. I stood there for a while and it didn't.
This morning hubby walked outside to turn on the sprinklers and came back inside in a hurry. He said, "do you want your picture for the day?"...and of course i said yes. I ran to get my camera to take a picture of this cat across the street trying to get a gopher out of its hole. Too bad i didn't catch it in action...



aaahhh mornings!...i have become addicted to coffee in the mornings. Before my day starts i sit with a big cup of coffee. But it has to be flavored or else i wont drink it. yea, i know i'm picky. hehehe

Have a great weekend!



Are you superstitious?...I'm not. For a lot of people the number 13 is a scary number whom they choose to believe it gives them bad luck. Total opposite for me. The day my first daughter was born was on the 13th. I gotta say it was a lucky day for me.

So again, this day will be dedicated to all things about her.
And here she is about to leave to school and i had to get a shot of her chucks. They are old but she will not give them up!



1.11.11 ~ Do you think these are lucky numbers??

I do, my middle child was born on the 11th but not of this month...another month. So, this will be her day. Pictures of her and what represent her will be on the 11th of each month.

She's a teenager, and like every responsible teenager she has chores. Her older sister and her trade washing dishes every week. And this is her week. I kinda surprised her by showing up with my camera hehehe...



The remodeling of the bathroom has begun. Installing new shower walls and doors, then new tile on the floor and walls...a new vanity and mirror and maybe some fresh paint. Can't wait to see the finished result!!



This morning we had breakfast with our aunts and uncles..such good food and great laughs...then we headed to the cementery. Lil miss E did not get to meet her fraternal grandpa but we make sure we stop by and say hello. Well today not only did we say hi but we also sang happy birthday. He would have been 54 yrs old tomorrow. R.I.P. Grandpa Butch.

and my digital scrapbook layout for week 1